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Cedar lumber

We love cedar.  We know that when a customer specifiesMcGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber, he/she isn't just getting a goodquality lumber... but great quality lumber.  And, as is true with all our products, McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber is the best cedar lumber that the mills produce.  

Our grade is called McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber and for good reason—it meets the grade.  You can find other grades of cedar lumber, but when the best appearance is required then McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber is the only appropriate choice.  And, we push the envelope farther—we stock only ‘vertical grain’ cedar.  

Vertical grain means that the growth rings in the cedar wood are parallel with each other (not meandering growth rings like is seen in most cedar woods) and are very close together (dense).  What does this mean for you in your finished cedar project?  

Vertical grain cedar gives a uniform appearance from one piece of lumber to another.  Vertical grain means that the cedar board is less likely to warp, twist, or cup on the job.  Vertical grain means there is more strength in the board.  In other words, vertical McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber grain silently says, “Quality”.  These qualities define cedar at its best. 

But, not all projects require the best looking cedar lumber.  There are situations where a knotty cedar product is not only acceptable but desirable.  Rustic looking cedar may suit your needs perfectly—perhaps for exterior cedar siding, maybe a cedar deck project, even some interior cedar paneling might require a high quality cedar lumber that is a bit knotty.  

We keep those products also but…as you might expect, if it comes from McGee Lumber we still demand of ourselves that quality is the driving objective.  Regardless, you will not find a better Cedar for your project than McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber

McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber will be kiln dried.  McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber will be Architectural Knotty grade or better. McGee ‘Clear’ Cedar Lumber can be remanufactured into whatever product or pattern you need.  Let us know what your dream looks like and we will try to produce it for you.  

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